Hi There!

Hey! I'm Danielle and I'm SO glad you're here!!!! Let me introduce myself: 
  • I love Jesus from the depths of my soul
  • I come from a crazy big family and love it 
  • I love food ...especially ice cream 
  • Spending time with family&friends and traveling are some of my favorite things 
  • Autumn is my favorite season because the air gets crispy and you can get cozy and snuggly in flannel and wear comfy sweaters and jeans and boot
  • Sunsets and sunrises impress me e.v.e.r.y time because they remind me of God’s amazing creativity

So why are you a photographer? you may ask...

Well... first of all I love people! I may be an introvert, but I like being with people the majority of the time. I'm fascinated by people and personalities & how people interact with one another...which is why I love photographing families so much. 

Each individual, including you, was created on purpose with a purpose, and made in the image of God. To bundle up who you are and display that in a photo is an amazing concept. And the little things - the things that make you YOU never gets old. Each feature, each little thing that makes up who you are is amazing. 

Each phase of life is worth remembering! You see, photos are similar to a diary and in a sense you can go back and relive those moments and emotions. Remember what it felt like. I'm a pretty sentimental, hopeless-romantic type of person, so documentation of life is really meaningful to me. 

And, to be totally honest, if you see a great laughing photo it's not because I'm funny...just extremely clumsy. ;) 

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