Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{Family Portraits: Balsam Family}

The same weekend I was in Chicago, I got to photograph this lovely, adorable family of four. Their two little ones were so brave and took on the cold with no complaints!


What a good looking family!!

Love how they're in their own little conversation over there ;)

The mommy and daddy of the fam :)

Yep, I think I know where their cutie pie kiddos got their good looks!
Haha! Love the expression on her face! And see, we even got the Sears (yes, I refuse to call it the Willis tower) tower in the background. :)

He is definitely one sweet and caring big brother.

Balsam family, thanks so much for letting me spend some of the afternoon with you guys. I had loads of fun, despite the chilly weather.


{Family Portraits: Knupp Family}

A couple weeks ago, I was privileged to be able to take family portraits for a few different families. We have some good family friends living in Chicago, and I have taken their family portraits for a few years now. I contacted them about coming again this year, and they helped get some other families together. I had such an awesome time meeting these beautiful families, and they all blessed me so much! 
I first met the Knupp family on Saturday morning. Now, I'm very directionally challenged so being in downtown Chicago, by myself, going somewhere I'd never been before, was kiiiinda scary. ;) Thankfully, I made it there just fine and met the family right outside a cafe. It was a quick photo shoot, being that it was only about 40 degrees or so (and because the place I was parked only allowed for me to park there for 30 mins!), but everything went very smoothly, the girls were troopers, and we got some beautiful portraits out of it. :) 
Soooo, introducing the Knupp family!! :)

I love the expressions on their faces. :))

Couldn't resist...I love the b&w too!

 The girlies. Aren't they so cute??

Love their smiles!! :)

More family sessions to be appearing! Stay tuned. :)