Saturday, September 20, 2014

Joshua & Britta | Wedding

These two met at a mutual friend’s gathering and just a couple months later, Josh asked Britta's dad for permission to begin courting her. Very soon after, Josh knew Britta was the woman of his dreams and Britta knew Josh was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Three weeks later he asked her to be his wife and just a few months following, they vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives in the beautiful Storybook Gardens.


one of my favorites from the day!!

one really fun aspect of this wedding is that the entire bridal party were all young people. It was a blast!

look at this happy groom :)

meanwhile, the girls were getting all ready inside the cute little house...

watching the guests arrive...

After they were ready, we went around back to get some shots of the girls

 The fun thing about this wedding, if you haven’t noticed, is that Britta is older sister to EIGHT sisters and a not-so-little brother. ;) All of her sisters and her brother were in the bridal party including, at that time, her sister-to-be. :)

 Britta was probably one of the most in-love-iest brides I’ve seen.  She has the most beautiful smile and the cutest giggle ever.

The venue was in the midst of cornfields with beautiful trees surrounding the ceremony location.


Photo credit for the next five photos goes to my extremely talented brother. He did a fabulous job helping me shoot this wedding, and I couldn't have done it all without him!

(photo cred.-Matt)

love this moment Matt captured between the Josh and his best friend and best man (who, by the way, will be getting married in just a few months!)

(photo cred.-Matt)

(photo cred.-Matt)

his face lit up as he saw his girl...this beautiful woman that was to be his wife. I love her brother's face (farthest right)

(photo cred.-Matt)

(photo cred.-Matt)

A very proud mama watching her oldest daughter walk down the aisle as a bride

(photo cred.- Matt)

Their first kiss as husband and wife was also their first kiss ever. This moment was quite adorable :) :)

(photo cred. -Matt)

(photo cred.-Matt)

 (photo cred.-Matt)

The newly Mr. & Mrs!!!!!!! aren't these shots by Matt, pretty amazing?!

I couldn't decide on which cake-cutting picture to share because they were all adorable


her younger sister, Anna, was the maid of honor and gave a sweet speech with a little humor involved ;)


shortly after they'd eaten, we snuck off to get some portraits of just the two of them. The location was gorgeous and I could have kept shooting for hours! They were naturals in front of the camera, probably because they were practically oblivious to anything else in the world ;) 



He made her a crown out of the branches of the willow tree

isn't she just darling?!?


yes, this is my Pinterest inspired photo right here ;) also Britta's idea :)


Ohh my heart. They were so beautiful and in love and perfect. 

It was SUCH a pleasure to be a part of their wedding day and get to stop moments in time for them to hang up and share with others. Despite being sick, it was definitely one of my favorite weddings. There's just something about getting to share that special-hugest-mostwonderfulest day of someone's life that stirs something in my soul, and it's even richer when you get to share that with dear friends. 

Josh and Britta, may God continue to pour out His love on you both and your new life together. Thank you for trusting me with documenting one of the most special days in your life! God bless you! 

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