Saturday, July 11, 2015

Baby Ava || Portraits

This darling baby girl was born to one of my very dear friend and her husband back in March, and I am finally getting them up! *insert monkey-hiding-its-face emoji*

That weekend I was in the area and it worked out perfectly to go spend some good quality time with my Marie friend, and of course take some portraits of their brand new, stinkin' adorable little Ava!

I love how she's looking up at her mama in this one. ^  oh, so sweet.

oh, and she has the best. expressions. ever!

sleeping babies are one of the most precious sights in the whole entire world. 

"happy is the home with little feet"
look at those little fingers and toes! gahh!  


ohhhh, biiiiig yawn! 

Her faces...what did I tell ya?! Also, I was curious to know what the name Ava actually meant, so I went and looked it up. One of the meanings was "life". What an awesome meaning, and I'm pretty sure Ava definitely brings life everywhere she goes. :)

Marie and Adam, I can't get over how cute your little girl is! It was so fun to spend an hour or so capturing your sweet little Ava! I can't wait to watch her develop into who God made her to be. :)

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