Saturday, March 1, 2014

Personal: Time

Life is precious. 
Remember to pause and take in those little moments of life. 
Our lives are made up of those "little moments" and we can't take them for granted 
because those become our memories.

Baby feet...

Goofy smiles...

Sincere infatuation...

This has been on my heart lately. It is meant to be an encouragement, not a beat-yourself-up thing because there are many times where life gets so full of...well, life...that it's hard to slow down and take time to enjoy the moment. Because honestly, some of those moments we'd rather go by as fast as possible and never come back. 
But, it's in those times that it is also good to stop and think because God uses hard times to produce character. 
But that's a conversation for another post ;) 

Part of why I love what I do so much is that I get to "pause time" sort of. Whether it's the joy of a brand new life brought into this world, family fun and craziness, random adventures and moments of life, or two young people starting a new life together... 

being able to capture those moments gives me a deep down satisfaction that bubbles up with joy, reminding me what is important in life. 

So live life with passion, be intentional, and be thankful! :)


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