Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bethany: High-school Senior

Meet Bethany :)

I've known this sweet girl from the time she entered this world. This year she graduates from high school and has been accepted to a really amazing, great school! She is going to become a missionary and minister to those who are in bondage in human trafficking.

She has a HUGE heart and is always ready to give a hug or an encouraging word.

Last month she came to visit for the weekend and she reminded me of something that I haven't forgotten since. She mentioned how people always immediately notice the flaws in people. How sad, but true is that?!

(her eyelashes!!!!)
She always looks for the good in people. While everyone else sees the unlovely in people, she immediately notices and points out the lovely in them.

Bethany, it really has been a treat to watch you grow up. Although we haven't gotten to live near each other for the majority of our lives, we always can just pick things up like it was yesterday. :) 

I love you so much and without a doubt, God is going to do marvelous things through you!

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