Monday, October 10, 2011

{Sneak Peek: Family}

I love this family so much! Here's a sneak peek of their family portrait session from the other night! The kids did an amazing job and I LOVE how the pictures turned out!! They're such a beautiful family!! And to make things even better, the lighting was a.m.a.z.i.n.g as well!!! :D

There are more to come soon!! I have been sooooooo busy so please forgive the lack of posting! I am also doing a photography mentorship with the amazing Christina Dickson, and so my photography business is somewhat on hold...although, I still am scheduling portrait sessions. I had a few family portrait sessions about two weeks ago, I just had a wedding this past weekend (so stay tuned for that!!!), and I have a senior shoot this next weekend! :D
Have an amazing week!!!



  1. This picture is so amazing, Danielle!! Everything about it is just perfect!

  2. Oh dear! I love this! I love how David and Naomi have their eyes on their mommy and daddy and Jonathan is sitting out in front with his adorable little smile and hair going everywhere. I wish I knew how to follow your post. This is my family (my little ones). Wonderful picture, Danielle. Can't wait to eee more. Let me know when you have more to show. Mom Vogt :)

  3. Whoops! My eyesight is failing. Jonathan's hair is not going everywhere! :) Geez! :)

  4. Thank you Christa and Alice!! :) It's ok...his hair was pretty messy, but really cute :)

  5. I desperately need one of these pictures in my home. Even though the kids will grow rapidly, the picture is a definite treasure.