Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stormy Skies and Last Days of Summer

I've been going crazy with my camera the past few days and am bursting to share with you! But before I do... one of the reasons that I've been such a non-consistent blogger is because there are so many other fabulous photographer/writers out there who inspire me tremendously, but I get bogged down in the comparison trap. Dooooon't do it people! It's a bad trap to find yourself in, and even though you may not be as good as someone else over there, doesn't mean you don't put out the effort to do what you CAN do. the ability that you DO have. :) Ok, so now on to some pictures :) :) :) 

 Last week I had woken up earlier than usual and looked out my bedroom window. I squealed inside, grabbed my camera, and ran out the door

I turned to look the other way and saw the fog lining the surface of the cornfield. Ah-mazing

look at this!!!!!!!!! *insert that little icon with hearts in the eyes*

Ok, I'll spare was just lovely. it's just that I haven't blogged in so long, I'm making up for it in this post ;)

Thennnnnn, on the morning of my birthday, on my way home from dog sitting to have breakfast with the fam, I happened to glance out the window at the lovely morning light. I gasped out loud, stopped the car, and hopped out. Just moments before, I had stopped the car to take a pretty picture of the sunrise, but of course, after I drove off, the lighting changed.

it was breathtaking


truly, "the heavens declare the glory of the LORD" Sometimes though, it's important to just leave the camera and take it all in. It's so hard for me not to because I want to capture it so I can share the beauty with others. 

not sure what this type of plant/weed thing is, but it looked pretty

 isn't this one of the loveliest flowers you've ever seen?!

Ben Lewis, you'd be proud of me for this macro shot :) 

Ohhhh, and then. THEN! Ahhhhh! On the way home early evening, I turned off on this gravel road and determined to get better at landscape shots. *portraiture is where my heart is* But, God's creation is a lovely thing, so I am learning to be somewhat decent in that area of photography as well :)

but man alive! I was in heaven! The sky looked so epic and stormy and dangerous and looming, ah yes, looming is the word I was looking for.

Literally, I'd turn around and the clouds had completely changed! 
I almost blew away...

the heavens opened moments after I had finished, but then on the way home I looked up and was once again taken with the beauty. All around there were storm clouds, but this one little spot was the brightest, brilliant-est blue. Gah! 

the day just kept getting better. There was a rainbow :)

this was on the way to DQ for our birthday treat. In case some of you didn't know, I share a birthday with two of my siblings so it's an extra special day in our family! A couple of the guys complained, but I just had to stop the vehicle to get a pictures of these clouds.

it was worth it, I'd say :) 

If you stuck it out to the end, that's awesome. If not, you won't be reading this. :P 
Anyways, school and life in general has been keeping me quite busy, but I'm determined to be more consistent with sharing my photos with you. 

If you're one of the people who stuck it out to the end of this post, you get to see a LOVEly preview of a simply beautiful wedding I shot about 3 wks ago! Pictures will be finished shortly, but I can't help but sharing because they make my heart happy.

they are darling


  1. Danielle, you are an amazing photographer with a passion for God's creation! Don't let doubt ever get in your way.....continue to use your talent for Him...
    Mrs. Nystrom (if you forgot my daughters, Nicole and Olivia and I met you at the 2009 and 2011 Regency Ball)

    1. Wow, thank you SO much Mrs. Nystrom!!!! I feel awful that I am JUST NOW replying! :/ I never saw this when you first posted! But thank you and yes, I do remember your family. :)