Thursday, September 4, 2014

Early Morning Jaunt

A few mornings ago, I set out on my bike, camera in hand (or actually around my shoulder in my bag) to go capture the lovely sunrise! Unfortunately, it didn't look as pretty as it did 20 minutes before, but it was still beautiful. 

After the sun slowly disappeared behind the thick clouds, I stayed for a few more minutes in front of this captivating bean field ;) 

then took off on my bike to a spot with some different lighting. I don't often hang around graveyards, but there's one just outside of town, and the lighting was perfect. 

The lighting was so perfect, I wished I had someone there to take pictures of, but since it was just me, I took some selfies. ;) I had a pretty sweet set-up if I do say so myself. It was perched on a piece of rock right next to the fence, and then I tied the strap around the pole so that it wouldn't be tilted. 

 I really like both the color and black&white one, so you'll have to bear with me. and it did turn out tilted, but I actually really like it that way.

Hello there Mr. Cricket!

Come back soon to see some portraits and some wedding pictures! School has been keeping me pretty well occupied as of late, so please accept my apologies for being such a bad blogger. Have a great weekend everybody!!  

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